The Whippet – An Authoritative Look at the Breed’s Past, Present and Future, by Bo Bengtson (Kennel Club Classics, USA), 2010

A large-format, 350-page hardcover volume with approx. 300 illustrations, easily the most comprehensive book ever published on the breed. 

Lisa Costello, DVM, MS, wrote the health chapter and, together with Gay Robertson (UK), contributed largely to the in-depth “working Whippets” chapter. The book originally cost $39.50 but is sold out; copies often sell for more than $300 when available. A Kindle edition is available from Amazon.com for $23.90. Winner of the Dog Writers Association of America "Best Book" 2011. 


The Whippet, by Bo Bengtson (MIP Publishing, USA), 1994. 

Published in the U.S., the 1994 edition is basically a larger format, expanded version of the original. It is 217 pages, including some in color. It is also sold out but may occasionally be available on the Internet.


The Whippet, by Bo Bengtson (David & Charles, UK), 1985.

The first edition, all black & white and 206 pages, is sold out, but old copies may be available on the Internet on occasion.